48 Crystal Moments: Two Converging Views.

Gustavo Vega Mansilla

13 th part of a collection of 48 poetic compositions, haiku style or close to such form of Japanese tradition, performed by Gustavo Vega. Not all of them conform strictly to the traditional Japanese way… The author prefers to call them, instead of haiku, Crystal Moments.

Yuuka NakamuraYuuka Nakamura, Japanese poet transferred the Crystal Moments to her own sensibility. She feels that some features of Westerness can be translated into Japanese classicism without affecting its meaning. Thus was achieved the two encounter of two views, Japanese, and Spanish, Eastern and Western converging. It is at the same time, a meeting, collaboration, cooperation …synthesis of languages and scripts, East and West.


by Gustavo Vega

Japanese interpretation by Yuuka Nakamura
Translated to English by Carlota Caulfield