Invitation to take part in an exciting Art initiative

‘Art of Barcelona’

Would you like to take part in a joint initiative and support independent art and artists? Until 15th of September 2018 we celebrate a unique crowdfunding campaign on and on our social network.

Each participation counts, even the most modest ones!

You can join the action with many different ways

Check out our Art of Barcelona pages and choose one of the amazing rewards.

During the campaign we feature all our supporters on social media channels. We offer daily pictures of Barcelona, postcards, just edited books in different languages, limited editions of visual poetry by Gustavo Vega and paintings of Barcelona by Jan de Lassen. We also have prepared unique art classes, photo sessions, 3D art and even a diner with our distinguished artists.

limited rewards
Limited rewards by Gustavo Vega and Jan de Lassen

All our rewards include a Tweet on Twitter and a share on Facebook. ( estimates that just one Tweet on our @BCNinfosite Twitter page is worth more than 100 Euros of publicity)

Do you have a cause, an idea, news or some type of information that you want to share with the world on our extensive social network? Maybe you have an artistic project (a book, a video, a photo, a poem, a song or a story) of your own, of a friend or someone close to you to whom you want to give more visibility. Supporting us we will support your cause by sharing a post of your choice with an international audience. You never know… maybe we can help your post become viral.

Additional ways to support our initiative.

  • Follow us or give ‘like’ on our TwitterFacebook and Instagram pages.
  • Use #biarte hashtag and get a chance to get featured for free.
  • Share our campaign and invite your friends to participate.

Our history

One year ago we joined forces and decided to create a digital initiative, bringing together exceptional writers and artists from Barcelona.

During our first year we have been active visiting, participating, and collaborating on various cultural events in Barcelona. We have written, translated, edited, published, and presented books. We have visited different art exhibitions and we have shared these events with an international audience.

Working countless hours on sharing our own photographs, visual poems, haikus, videos and stories on social media, we have learned a lot of the tricks of online publishing. Through passionate work and positivity, we have managed to capture almost 40,000 followers on Twitter and more than 250,000 likes on Instagram. Today we are proud to share art and a positive image of Barcelona to hundreds of thousands of people in all corners of the world.

We have achieved everything with total independence, by investing only our own resources in the process and without benefiting from it financially in any way.

Now we want to take a step forward so that we can create and share art using the latest technology. By participating in our initiative you will help us to become more agile and mobile. We need to update our computer equipment with professional editing and postproduction programs. We also want to record images in 360 degrees and broadcast live cultural events.

If you decide to support us and to participate in our initiative, we can create and share more interactive, visually attractive and diverse content. We can also help more artists in to have their voices heard and to stand out from the crowd.

Help us share the joy of art and independent creativity and visit our Crowdfunding page for more details:

Campaign in English

Campaña en Español

Campanya en Català