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Esa Ennelin
Bi Publisher, creator and author. I am searching for the inner wisdom. If I manage to capture it, I'll share it with you.

What would happen if Catalonia decides to make a unilateral declaration of independence?

What is going on with the Catalan independence? A few days ago, one of the main Spanish newspapers, El País, leaked a selection of quotes. These...
drop of water

Scientists claim that water is able to retain memory? And other interesting information about...

“Be Water my Friend” – Bruce Lee. Since the beginning, water has been the building material of life. Inside a newborn child, there is as...
harmful fumes

Chefs and cooks who prepare delicious food for us may possibly suffer from cancer.

The environment in the kitchens which prepare all kinds of delicious food, is in many occasions poor. Running a restaurant is one of the most...