Spanish and Finnish differences

There are so many cultural differences between Finland and Spain. I have seen a few of them while living here. Now, I’m already getting used to this culture, and I like it. Here are some differences that I have noticed.


The Spanish people are louder than the Finns. They joke around and laugh a lot. Finns talk quietly with fewer words and seem to be more reserved and usually shy. Maybe it sounds like that Finns don’t laugh or talk with their friends, but that is not the case. 

The biggest difference in introducing yourself is probably that in Spain everyone gives a couple of kisses in both cheeks. Sometimes there is a third person who introduces people to each other.

Finns do mostly just a handshake or maybe a hug, and everybody introduces themselves.

I’ve been trying to give handshakes to everyone new while they were trying to give kisses, but now I’ve learned that, and getting used to it.

People in Spain look more open and outward. They seem to do more stuff together. My first impression is that people don’t plan anything beforehand. Here you can go for a coffee at any time with your friends, but Finns have to make a plan and put it on a calendar.


Well, there is a huge difference in the prices between Spain and Finland. In here almost all the food is cheaper. You can get a great beef for 5 euros, a bottle of wine for 1 euro and 6-pack of beer for 3 euros. I think those were the most important ones, right?

Clothes are kind of the same price category as in Finland but the electricity is more expensive. Because of the lack of heat and easily installed windows, the air gets inside. This is why it is cold inside when it’s cold outside. In Finland, houses are always heated (underfloor heating and even ceiling heating in some houses). The normal indoor temperature is around 23 degrees, even on a -15 degree winter day.

The internet is also more expensive than in Finland. That was one of the things to get used to. A small amount of data in Spain costs the same amount of money than unlimited data in Finland.

However I like it here, so there are some things to get used to when I go back in Finland..


Tip of the day:

Go shopping to La Maquinista. It’s the biggest shopping center in Catalonia. You will find everything you need, and get fresh air at the same time.