Artist Spotlight #biarte – Gustavo Vega

One of the most creative figures of visual poetry.

Gustavo Vega is without a doubt, one of the most outstanding representatives of the creative technique called visual poetry. It is no secret that he is one of the most unique poets of the current literary panorama.

Gustavo Vega’s Calligraphy of Chaos on the façade of the Leon’s Institute of Culture

For many visual artists he is a point of reference for his investigation on Visual Poetry as well as on his own creative work.

Visual poetry is a human manifestation which uses all the resources for expression. It mixes words with plastic elements. When there are some poems that have no words it is because they have no need for them…

If we had to investigate the origins of Visual Poetry, this undertaking would not only lead us to an era of ancient Greece, at about 2300 BC, to Theocritus, and other creators of Hellenic period but also to the Pre-Socrates philosophy and the history of thought itself.

Warm, ironic, transcendental or banal, the universe of Gustavo Vega is filled with magical stars and mysterious black holes as well as gods and goddesses. In liberating the rigidness of academic language through breaking, pulling and isolating, he dislocates the verb in order to make a verse. The page, the word, the typography, the image and the emptiness orchestrate, reconfigure a new language. These experiments of visual poems are the result of investigations that Gustavo Vega has developed with computer graphics and some traditional methods.

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