What is wrong with the story of ‘nuns growing medicinal marijuana and giving it free of charge’

Who are the real characters in the pictures?

monjas de marijuana

“The Nuns cultivating marijuana and distributing it free of charge in Almería, Spain”.

The sister of the Valley“These two nuns are called Herminia and Francisca. They live in a shack made by themselves, wear white habits and grow medicinal marijuana plants in a greenhouse in El Ejido, Almería. They are virginsspiritual and famous. “The Cannabis bud nuns” or in Spanish: “Las Monjas del cogollo“, as they are popularly known in south of Spain, created a legal company that allows them to grow medical marijuana and distribute it free of charge all over the world.” 13.minutos.es

Fake news circulating in Spain!

The story about Herminia and Francisca, is just another good example of fake news circulating on Spanish social media. The photographs of the two “nuns” are real but the rest of the news is fabricated. Even their alleged web page ‘www.elcogoñodelseñor.com‘ does not exist.

Darcy and Chirsine“Real-Life Marijuana Sisters”

The real characters in the pictures are called Kate and Darcy, “the Sisters of the Valley”, California. These two ‘sisters’ grow potent varieties of medical marijuana – rich in cannabinoids, but their products have little or no THC – The chemical that makes you high.

Respecting the gifts of Mother Earth

Literally, Kate and Darcy are not even nuns and they have no connection to the Catholic Church. They wear nun’s clothes just because they feel like it. “Their allegiance is to a Feminist idea, to each other, and to a mission to respect the breadth and depth of the gifts of Mother Earth, working to bridge the gap between Her and her suffering people.”

Business sisters of the valleyAs a matter of fact, these two sisters are innovative entrepreneurs and excellent business women. They are cultivating and elaborating Marijuana and exporting it to Mexico, where cannabis business is still illegal. Today, the Sisters of Valley run a million dollar business, netting sales higher that $40,000 a month.