Photo exhibition opening by photojournalist Manel Armengol tomorrow at Palau Falguera.

“A Tribute to the social struggle, citizen demands, urban landscapes and the characters of Barcelona”

Palau FalgueraStarting from this Friday 7, at 8:00 p.m. and until April 30th, the exhibition “The Transition from the Streets, 1976 – 1979” will be on the ground floor of Palau Falguera. It is a collection of images by the photojournalist Manel Armengol. The exhibition captures ordinary citizens as they rallied, marched, and demonstrated in Barcelona during the democratic transition. This exhibit includes more than fifty photographs that testify to the social struggle, citizen demands, urban landscapes and the characters of Barcelona in the late seventies.

“la càrrega dels grisos”

Manel ArmengolManel Armengol (Badalona, 1949) is the author of one of the most well-known and reproduced photographs of the transition period. The “attack of the grays” (la càrrega dels grisos) against the demonstrators for the amnesty that took place on February 1, 1976 on the Paseo de San Juan of Barcelona. Maner Armegol captured it with his camera and the images became icons of denunciation of political repression throughout the world.

Armengol served as special envoy and correspondent in numerous countries until an accident removed him from photojournalism to devote himself exclusively to the architectural and environmental photo. He is currently lecturer at the University of Barcelona and at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Throughout his long trajectory Manel has made multitude of expositions, books of photography and works for publishers.