Love Doll business continues in Barcelona: “We have simply moved to new premises”

love doll

Less than one month ago, LumiDolls Europe’s “First Love Doll Agency” was one of the hottest Small Talk Topics in Barcelona.

The Love Doll “LumiDolls” brothel and agency opened first time in a private apartment building in the center of Barcelona on February 27th 2017. It offers people the opportunity to have safe sexual interactions with Life-Size silicone Dolls. The rates for these high-tech Sex Dolls start at 80 euros per 30-minute session. With an extra charge you could “Make your fantasies come through” and ask for a doll to be sent home.

“Love-Dolls are already a big hit in Asia and the industry is booming especially in Japan”

love doll katy
Katy 170cm

According to the Japanese manufacturer, each manually sculptured LoveDoll, made of medical silicon material, is super soft and with most natural skin texture. The joints of each doll are strong and flexible. Even the skeleton is made out of titanium to make the dolls bones durable. The internal structure is completely carried on according to the ”reality”, with a G-spot, countless fold and protuberance. The dolls also contain spikes of uterus in the tail, increased stimulus and real sex appeal.

Lily 161 cm love doll
Lily 161 cm

“Each doll is, before and after each service, properly disinfected with special antibacterial soaps”

Although the Barcelona based company guarantees high standards and hygiene, the Japanese-style brothel had to close its doors only few days after the opening. After huge media coverage and public interest, Barcelona’s police force began investigating whether the establishment met with local ordinances and had the necessary licenses. The brothel’s website only provided a telephone number, and a receptionist would only give the address to paying customers. By the time the municipal police had discovered the location of Lumidolls in – El Borne, the apartment had been closed up.

“Love Doll business remains still open in an unknown location…”

Niky 165 love doll
Niky 165

But the story does not end here. A receptionist responding to calls on the number provided on the Lumidoll website told EL PAÍS that the business remained open. “We have simply moved to new premises,” she said, which for the moment remain unknown.

So, if you see any suspicious movement of Dolls around your Barrio, please send us a news tip! Email: [email protected]


  1. We just received in our email ([email protected]) a press release from LumiDolls company…

    “The LumiDolls
    will offer their services in one of the premises of Apricots that, like
    all establishments of the brand, has the necessary license for this type
    of activities.

    The sex dolls arrived in Apricots yesterday and have already served several customers. LumiDolls rents the rooms for hours, like the rest of the live girls inside the dating house.

    this collaboration, LumiDolls can continue its activity in a licensed
    facility and suitable facilities to provide sexual services. In addition, in this way, Apricots extends its offer.”