Best things to do with the kids this summer! Part 1.

There are lots of free or at least cheap activities to do in the city. A three-year old boy, who thinks he is 4, and his 2 to 6 years old friends tested and approved these tips.

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As a parent, occasionally you need to drag the kids out (and then back in, but that’s a completely different story). The Problem is that in a while, the parks close to your flat are getting boring for you and for your kids. We need some new experiences once in a while, don’t we!

Miniature Railway in the Parc de Can Mercader

Today we go to the Parc de Can Mercader in Cornella de Llobregat and visit the Club d’Amics del Ferrocarril, The Club of Friends of the Railway (sic).

railway park cornella

The railway club was founded in 1976. Years later some of the club members visited miniature train tracks in other European cities and applied a permission to build one in Cornella. Later the club got money from the city council. The miniature railway opened for the public in 1987.

parc de can mercader in cornella de llobregat

This “every-mans-treasure” is on the hills of Cornella and inside one of the most beautiful parks in Barcelona region. The park of Can Mercader is also one of the little known parks and just in a walking distance from the Cornella train station. If you choose to go there with metro, the easiest way is to take the blue line to the Gavarra metro station and walk down the hill to the park. The walk is easy even with a trolley. Don’t worry, the way to the park is nicely guided and you can’t miss it…The park is huge. Buses drive even closer to the front gate and near the impressive miniature trains.

parc de can mercader in cornella de llobregat

When entering inside the park you’ll be walking by ancient palm trees, lakes, ducks, swans, tortoises and great spots for a picnic.

turtle in barcelona

The train station is next to the museum of Museu Palau de Mercader (check the links below). It has more than 3,000 objects from the museum of the Count of Bell loc. Interesting, isn’t it? I stole that info from Wikipedia. But we are not going to the Museum, we’re (with) kids!

museu palau de mercader

Choo, choo!

After walking through the beautiful park you reach the Can Mercader miniature train station. It is small and rustic but correct to their examples. The trains leave from here. The tickets are sold from a tiny booth in front of the station and the prices are quite reasonable – 1,5 € per passenger.

train tickets

You shouldn’t be scared of the long queues. The queues move actually really fast. During the waiting time you get also some useful information about the Club and the possible happenings. Next you will step to the platform, and the conductor will lead you to your train and your seat. And here we go!

The tour takes seven to eight minutes, sometimes a bit longer if there are ducks on the railway tracks. First the train passes through a 6 meters long bridge. Than it heads to a playground, goes around it and dives in to a tunnel and 21 meters of darkness. After the tunnel it runs back to the bridge and around another part of the park. Finally the train returns to the station and is ready to take on the next passengers.

trains in mercader

The attractions of the park don’t end here. There is a reasonable priced restaurant, racing track for radio controlled cars, swimming pools, sport center, huge playground and a vegetable market on every Sunday.

market mercader

Ferrocarril De Can Mercader is open Sundays and public holidays from 11.15 to 13.30 except August and Christmas.

Address: Carretera De L’Hospitalet 08940