Sparkling wine – a tasty and natural memory supplement.

mistake barcelonaDo you constantly forget or misplace important things? Do you walk around your flat every morning trying to find your wallet, cigarettes, lighter, keys etc.? Do you suffer from sudden memory loss? Does your family suffer from dementia or Alzheimer? If you do, there is a tasty and old medicine available.

forget barcelonaThe Reading University biochemistry professor Jeremy Spencer claims that Champagne and Cava can help you to prevent future memory problems, dementia and even Alzheimer. The healthy antioxidant preventing memory loss is called phenolic acid and it is found especially in Champagne and in some varieties of Cava.

champagne ratsDuring the maze tests, a group of rats were taking Champagne daily during six weeks. The results were dramatic. The rats had 200% increase of proteins important for determining effective memory. Researchers also found that after champagne was consumed by rats, there was a significant boost to spatial memory – the ability to recognize surroundings that enables people to find their way home.

Professor Spencer is confident there would be a similar impact on the human brain. ‘Dementia probably starts in the 40s and goes on to the 80s. It is a gradual decline and so the earlier people take these beneficial compounds in champagne, the better.’

Cava BarcelonaProfessor Jeremy Spencer argues that you should enjoy at least one to three cava class a week, and start drinking before you reach 40 years of age if you want to start fighting against aging memory.

But, we should keep in mind that these studies were made in early-stage animal research. And we can’t be sure these results would apply to humans.

So, better late than never and start the day having breakfast served with a class of sparkling wine.