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    Esa Ennelin

    Esa Ennelin
    Bi Publisher, creator and author. I am searching for the inner wisdom. If I manage to capture it, I'll share it with you.
    tio de nadal

    A Dirty Little History of the Catalan ‘Santa Claus’

    The real origins and history of the Catalan equivalent of Santa Claus are Barcelona's best-kept secrets. As I was digging into...
    flag barcelona

    Who’s to Blame When Politicians Behave Badly?

    Bad behaviour seems to be the new tendency also in Spanish politics. I often find myself writing of Spanish and Catalan politics, then vowing to...
    Pickpockets in Barcelona

    Important Tips How to Avoid and Outsmart Pickpockets in Barcelona

    Barcelona is the pickpocket capital of the World. Generally speaking, Barcelona is a safe city to visit, but unfortunately it is the pickpocket capital of...
    barcelona is not catalonia

    The Satirical Tabarnia Movement is Reflecting a Democracy in Crisis

    An ironic introduction of Tabarnia “What is Tabarnia?” – is the question that most people have asked themselves after last month’s Twitterstorm. The word ‘Tabarnia’...

    The Yellow Ribbon is a Polemic Symbol in Catalonia and South Korea

    Did you know that yellow ribbon is a symbol of division and unity both in Catalonia and South Korea? The yellow ribbon is used for...
    love in front of catalan parliament

    The information war in social media is tearing Catalonia apart

    How to fight against the misinformation and propaganda that is dividing Catalan society? During the last two months I have observed closely how Catalan society...
    bandera españa

    Soluciones a la crisis democrática que vive España.

    ¿Es España un país democrático? Han pasado más de 40 años desde que el General Francisco Franco muriese tranquilamente en su cama el 20 de...
    peace for catalonia

    The Referendum in Catalonia is a Threat to Democracy

    What if the referendum in Catalonia is undemocratic? Like Maduro in Venezuela and Erdogan in Turkey, Mussolini, Hitler and Franco also loved referendums. But what...

    The politicians are leading Catalonia into a major crisis and nobody is doing anything...

    Wake-up Call. The politicians are leading Catalonia into international isolation and political suicide. Many inhabitants of Catalonia do not consider themselves merely part of a...
    breakfast cava barcelona

    Cava Is Good For Your Aging Brain?

    Sparkling wine - a tasty and natural memory supplement. Do you constantly forget or misplace important things? Do you walk around your flat every morning...