“Be Water my Friend” – Bruce Lee.

water babySince the beginning, water has been the building material of life. Inside a newborn child, there is as much as 85 percent of water. However, as we grow older, the proportion of water decreases. An adult women’s contains in average about 40 to 60% of water and men’s average is about 50 to 70% depending on the body weight.

Water has an amazing ability to adapt. For thousands of years people have considered water as the magical and mysterious element. Almost all the ancient mythologies associate water to birth, life, death and life after death.

Because water plays an important part in all our vital, emotional and even subconscious actions, almost all the religious communities use water in their sacred rituals. We also spill some water out of our bodies when we are happy, angry, sad and especially when we are sexually exited.

Can water store vibrations on its molecular structure?

water vibrationsAlthough scientists have studied water for thousands of years, they are still a lot of unanswered questions. In the 1990s, a French researcher Jacques Benveniste claimed to have proved that water has memory. Few years later, a Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto made scientific community laugh with his water freezing experiments. According to Emoto, people’s feelings, speech and vibration leave their mark on the molecular structure of water. In his emotional experiments, water was subjected to aggressive and beautiful speech, emotions, and music. Subsequently, the test specimens were frozen and the generated ice crystals were examined by microscope. As a result, the water molecules which were exposed to a beautiful vibes formed wonderful harmonious ice crystals. The molecules exposed to aggressive influences were “ugly” and inharmonious.

ice crystal emoto

Unfortunately, both Beneviste and Emoto had to face academic critique. In the end their test methods and results were considered to be full of blubber. But who knows. Many times the craziest scientific ideas are first condemned and only few years or decades later proven to be correct.

In any case, the pure water is odorless, tasteless and transparent. Human senses are not developed enough to smell or taste pure water. We have only learned to sense the contaminants of the water with our eyes, nose or mouth but we still don’t know all the secrets of it. We do not even know the origin of the water in our planet.

Tap vs. Bottled Water

water bottle rubbishEvery day, more of us choose a water bottle instead of tap water. But, because we can’t sense the clean water with our senses, we are easy targets of dirty water business. More than 50% of bottled water sold in the world is actually cleaned and bottled tap water. It has nothing to do with the natural mineral water.

If you are a friend of nature, you should avoid buying bottled water when ever possible. Water bottle business is making a lot of harm to the nature. Just think how much oil and electricity is used in the process to collect, fill and transport a plastic bottle full of water to you.

And, if you think that the water inside the plastic bottle is cleaner than the tap water, you are mistaken. Most water quality studies prove that tap water is cleaner. An average plastic bottle has over 200 times more bacteria than tap water.

Is it safe to drink tap water in Barcelona?

tap water in barcelonaYes, it is 100% safe to drink tap water in Barcelona. The water fulfills all the requirements of clean and healthy water.

Still many local Barcelona residents choose bottled water instead of tap water because of taste issues. The tap water is taken from two different rivers – The water that comes from the Ter is used to supply the neighborhoods of the northeast area of Barcelona, while the water of the Llobregat serves to supply the neighborhoods of the southwest area of the city. Before entering the water treatment plants, these two rivers cross towns, municipalities and some industrial and mining areas. Probably it is the reason Barcelona tap waters taste is considered the worst in Spain.

Many residents also claim that the tap water tastes different in different districts of Barcelona. They also claim that Barcelona tap water has too much lime. Maybe it’s true. But I keep drinking the Barcelona tap water because I like it and because it’s better for the nature. A great trick to make the tap water to taste even better is just to cool it down in the fridge.glass of cold water