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    te amo

    Manel Armengol – NY

    Catalan photographer and photojournalist Manel Armengol is an icon in the field of social reporting of the late 1970s. His latest NY exhibition presents...
    Manel Armengol

    Guernica: Photograph of the Day by Manel Armengol.

    Today is the 80th anniversary of the bombing of Guernica. During the Spanish Civil War, 26 April 1937 at 16.30, the Nazi German Luftwaffe's Condor...
    Manel Armengol

    Photo of the Day by Manel Armengol

    "Love before anything, Real before everything." (Amor antes de nada, Real ante todo.) Place: Aprox. Corner number 10 del carrer Comerç, infront of l'Arc de Triomf. Photograph...