Institutional Advertising Money for Newspapers in Catalonia.

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Which newspapers received the most of Catalan taxpayer’s Money?

The officially published figures show that last year the Government of Catalonia or Generalitat de Catalunya spent more than 12.3 million euros for institutional advertising in the Catalan newspapers.

According to the government spokesman, Neus Munté, there are 26 media outlets that received institutional aid through “advertising contracts”.freedom for catalonia

The winners and losers.

The jackpot price winners received the highest amounts of money. These include El Periódico (3,892,898 euros), El Punt Avui (2,354,319 euros), La Vanguardia (2,239,826 euros) and Ara (1,280,259 euros).

The second price category landed to 20 minutes (338,117 euros), Segre (272,143 euros), Més Tarragona (169,864 euros), Diari de Tarragona (137,490 euros), El País (133.042), Regió7 (125,925 euros) and La Mañana (116,009 euros).

According to the “winners” list, the smallest amounts of Catalan taxpayers money went to ABC (5,833 euros), El Mundo (8,712 euros) and La Razón (8,846 euros).

The only real losers in Catalonia were the news outlets written in Occitan language. They did not receive spent

Why was the Occitan language left without money?

It is surprising that among the list of winners, there is not even one single newspaper in the Occitan language. Among all other things it is strange, because Occitan (Aranés) is also an official language in Catalonia. Perhaps this is the reason why Jornalet , the only serious news outlet in Occitan language, is in financial difficulties although all its publishing activities is carried out totally through expert volunteers.

It sounds unbelievable, but it is true. It is simply one more of the political hypocrisies of the 21st century Catalonia.