The Wind.

Even though there are no monsoons, snowstorms or any other extreme weather in Barcelona, there is always a constant air current. For a pedestrian, a light sea breeze is more than welcome, but when you are on a bike or a scooter (without motor) you need to struggle against the headwind. And did you know that here in Barcelona there is no such thing as the tailwind.


Slippery when wet.

The rain is pretty equal to anyone, but on a kick scooter (patinete) your world can roll pretty fast upside down. When the sun is shining, rolling down a hill on a scooter is easy, but when it rains the situation turns out to a dangerous situation. On a wet surface your scooter moves like a “Bambi” on an ice.


Killers on the Loose.

Broom-broom! Cars, motorcycles and other motorized killers are on the loose. Yes, your car can move fast, but where is the Fire? Why do the drivers in Barcelona ignore the red lights? Why are the two-wheelers always ignored? And why can I find every day someone driving a motorcycle on cycle lanes. Is it ignorance? For sure, but it is also a political question. For our own good, we could and we should cut motorized vehicles in Barcelona.


The Others.

Oh, dear. I know, you drive perfectly with your two-wheeler, but what the fuck are the other road users doing? They do not show any hand signs where they are going and when they are turning. They make sudden stops and always drive too fast or too slow!


The Road.

The year 2015 came and the prophecy failed – we don’t have hovering scooters, skateboards and bikes like in the Back to the Future 2. We still need roads. Barcelona surely isn’t the worst what comes to the street maintenance, but it is far from the best. Constant construction zones all over the city are not just inconvenient but also dangerous.

5 walk bike barcelona

The substances.

Please do not drive drunk! If you do, you don’t just risk your own life but other people’s lives too. But hey, when you’re ape drunk and have difficulties to walk, it’s always good to have a bike with you…  The best solution is just to walk with the bike! In that way;

A) You don’t fall so easily.

B) You will get your precious bike safe back home.

C) You don’t kill anyone!

4 lost items barcelona

Bike Thieves.

Bike thieves are the scum of the earth. I hate to even write about those A-holes. Needless to say, try to keep your bike locked in a safe place. If you ever manage to meet a bike thief in person, take a photo with your mobile phone and send it to the mossos (Catalan Police).


The Animals.

Cats, dogs, kids and other obstacles move randomly and without thinking. The worst are the small dog owners. Owners of a midget size dogs think that there’s no need to keep the mini-sized Rex on a tight leash. And there you are – rolling over rats with names. You should keep in mind that accidents with small dogs is bad news and usually you are the one who’s going to accept the responsibility for the accident.


Breaking Parts.

While driving on your two-wheeler the worst accidents happen when your bike breaks apart. Take care of your two-wheeler. If do it by yourself, it’s cheap and fun! By keeping good care of your bike you’ll probably avoid a major accidents.

1 girl bicycle helmet

The Helmet!

Nearly all bicyclists who were killed in in Barcelona did not wear a helmet. Most deaths occur as a result of crashes with motor vehicles. So, forget your hairstyle and always wear a helmet. It can actually safe your life!!!



On Sunday, May 11 at 9:30 A.M, we are celebrating “Fiesta de la Bicicleta 2017” in Barcelona. More info here.